[Phase 2: Infrastructure] Incentivized Testnet Article Post

This blog is written in accordance with Agoric Testnet [Phase 2: Infrastructure]

Agoric’s Technology Stack

Commission Fee Normalization

Zero Commission Fee Campaign

Since March 12, we have maintained a zero-commission fee policy to compensate our delegators and the community. This resulted from our node failure and unrealistically strict downtime parameters — which deprived our developer team to avoid slashing within 5 minutes. You can check out the post mortem analysis on our previous post.

The 5-minute downtime slashing remains unchanged yet the team has stated that they are working on an update to Cosmos SDK v0.42 to adjust the parameters. We believe a minimum of 10 hours is necessary for validators to respond to node failures and handle the…

[Phase 1: Onboarding] Testnet Validator Node Setup Guide

This guide is written in accordance with Agoric Testnet [Phase 1: Onboarding]

Agoric Incentivized Testnet

On March 24, Agoric’s anticipated testnet has finally commenced. This incentivized testnet will last until June, 2021 and rigorously test the network’s resilience — including the validator community’s overall competence.

We are thrilled to join Agoric’s incentivized testnet and proud to be selected as one of the 150 validators among 6000+ applicants. We plan to actively participate in each of the phases and share our experience to the community.

For more information regarding the testnet, please visit the Agoric Incentivized…

Delegator Notice and Zero Commission Fee

Validator Node Failure

We regret to inform you that our validator node failed on March 11, 2021, at 18:10 UTC. The machine faced hardware issues that resulted in jailing and ultimately — slashing. Before we move on, Provalidator team would like to apologize to all delegators who have been affected. We acknowledge our mistake and will candidly share how and why the accident happened.

Post Mortem Analysis

On March 10, 2021, the BetaNet Software Upgrade Proposal (Proposal #4) was submitted and passed through voting. And right after the upgrade ended, our validator node failed.

Our engineer team immediately began to…

Provalidator is excited to announce its Regen Network validator node.

We are participating in the Regen Network Aplikiĝo incentivized testnet and will support the mainnet launch.

Why we support Regen Network

Technology is all about improving our world. When we think about distributed ledgers, discussions are focused on its impact on the financial industry — disintermediation, decentralization and deflationary. However, the virtues of distributed technology should not be confined to the financial sector.

Regen Network — a platform that aligns economic incentives with ecology to revive our planet— demonstrates how blockchain technology can solve other non-financial problems humanity face. Regen Network’s Regen Registry and CarbonPlus

Provalidator is proud to announce its Sifchain validator node.

Why we support Sifchain

Blockchains settle differently. Chains with settlement finality are easier to connect through protocols like Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC). However, connecting probabilistically finalized blockchains with finality guaranteed distributed ledgers require a different approach. This is where Peggy steps in.

To simply put, Peggy is a bridge that connects chains that settle in another way. Early developments of Ethereum Peggy — or Ethereum Bridge — started with hackathon projects such as ETGate. Other teams at THORChain, Swishlabs, and Althea continued research and development of interoperability among heterogeneous chains.

But what does interoperability do and…


Supporting Blockchain Infrastructure

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